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industrial equipment repair central illinois

Industrial Equipment Repair

Beyond the Standard of a Quality Repair

At Summit Product Support, the word “repair” hardly scratches the extent of what we do with our industrial equipment repair service. With normal repair work, the process of making an item functional can put a bit of wear and tear on the product. With Summit Product Support, the products we mend will appear as new as the day they came off of the assembly line. So in addition to diagnosing and fixing a part, we take great care to preserve and restore the quality of every part so that our customers can enjoy flawless looking, fully functional parts.

Whether you want engineering changes, internal or external mechanical repair or even rust removal for your parts, Summit Product Support is committed to providing our customers with truly excellent industrial equipment repair.

Receiving, Packaging and Shipping

The receiving, packaging and shipping operation can have a significant impact on customer satisfaction if not done efficiently, carefully and on a timely basis. Summit Product Support has a long history of customer satisfaction and reliable service, especially when it comes to industrial equipment repair. See what we can provide for your company:

industrial equipment repair central illinois

  • Load handling capacity up to 15,000 pounds per component
  • Computerized inventory control
  • Warehouse capacity
  • Custom packaging
  • Just-in-time shipping
  • Local shipping via Summit tractor-trailer
  • Over-the-road shipping using our approved and established sources

Assembly & Disassembly

Summit Product Support has trained assemblers for stall building complex components. Our employee training procedures can be used to quickly train our staff on your products.

  • Overhead and jib cranes
  • Certified torque tooling
  • Blueprint reading

Get the Best in Industrial Equipment Repair

If you are looking for high quality industrial equipment repair, Summit Product Support can accommodate your needs. Contact our company online or call us for more information at 309-691-4737. Or, for more about what services Summit Product Support offers, see our page on Industrial Painting.